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This is how my story began


I began my career as a lash artist in October 2016 and have quickly become consumed by my work in the Lash Industry.

My work is my absolute passion and there is nothing quite like making my clients feel Beautiful and confident each and every time. I currently work from my home studio in Dublin where I have built up a steady and loyal client base who mean the absolute world to me.

In April 2018 I joined forces with the amazing Luxury Eye Team to provide training courses based on Helga's teachings and I have enjoyed every second I have been working with her team.


In February 2019 I have become the only official distributor for Luxury Eye Products in Ireland. I am so proud and excited to provide the highest quality products to all Irish Lash technicians.


In 2022 I took my little business to another level, I became a fully accredited trainer with my own training courses. I launched my own line of products. Carefully selected,tested for months before before I decided to bring them to the market. I have learned so much over the years that I advise anyone thinking of becoming a Lash artist to use only high quality products and training courses. Dash Lash products are truly the best - you won’t be disappointed!

Ewelina O`Neil

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Eyelash extensions

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